And at last... the Revolution D100 System Reference Document is ready!

Revolution D100 is the new in-house system for D100 RPGs published by Alephtar Games. Successfully crowdfunded in late 2015, the game is now entering its alst production stage and we can finally show its core to the public.

Download the Revolution D100 SRD for FREE!

What are the features of the game?

  • Native multi-genre support: character creation and specific rules for fantasy, steampunk, historical, cyberpunk, space opera and more.
  • New math-less approach to the percentile die: level of success is determined by comparing the two dice.
  • Streamlined system to run all significant events as conflicts, with simple rules that resemble those of classic RPG combat.
  • Dfferent role for stats and skills. No direct skill/stat interaction, yet both have a major role in any conflict.
  • Simplified combat that runs like any other conflict, for those games where violence is not the focus.
  • Optional advanced combat with improved detail, for those groups that like "the clash of steel".
  • Generic power system with countless possibilities for personalisation.
  • Four sample power types: Arcane, Divine, Psionic and Weird Science.
  • Do-it-yourself system to design your own weapons and armour.
  • Rules for in-game potion and gadget creation, as well as enchantment. All creations are unique!
  • High compatibility with existing D100 systems.
  • Open Game License that allows you to create and publish your own homebrew version of the game.

What is in the download?

  • A free, public System Reference Document (SRD) that acts both as a reference for play and as a free gateway to the game system for those who want to learn about it before purchasing.

What comes next?

Stay tuned...

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