Red Moon Rising


What is Red Moon Rising RPG?

It is a roleplaying game supplement that allows you to play in the fantastic steampunk world of the Red Moon Rising web comic (

Where do I find Red Moon Rising RPG?

It will become available through a crowd-funding campaign (commonly referred to as a Kickstarter) in Spring 2017, and then through the normal RPG retail channels when the book is ready.

Do I need to read the Red Moon Rising web comic to play the game?

No, but it surely helps. And the web comic rocks, you will not regret reading it.


Does Red Moon Rising RPG require ownership or knowledge of any specific Roleplaying Game?

Red Moon Rising RPG is based on the Revolution D100 roleplaying game and requires ownership of its core rulebook. You will be able to purchase the Revolution D100 core rulebook together with the Red Moon Rising supplement during the Red Moon Rising RPG crowdfunding campaign. In any case, Revolution D100 is published under the Open Game License, so the rules are also available as a free download here (

Is Red Moon Rising RPG released under the Open Game License, too?

No. The world of Red Moon Rising belongs to its creator Rose Loughran and you need explicit permission to create any derivative work (fiction, games, etc…) which takes place in it.

Can I use Red Moon Rising RPG with another RPG system?

Yes. It will certainly be easier to adapt Red Moon Rising RPG to another RPG based on percentile dice, but a seasoned role-player should be able to use it with almost any game.


Will you release Red Moon Rising RPG in electronic format or in print?

In both formats. Red Moon Rising RPG will appear as both an e-book in PDF format and a full-color, letter-sized book.

Will you release Red Moon Rising RPG in e-pub or other electronic formats?

This is not planned for now, as most role-players are already accustomed to PDF.


Why release a printed game about a fictional world which is only available online?

With the release of the RPG, the first part of the Red Moon Rising web comic will become available in print, as a special edition in Graphic Novel format.

How can I get hold of this Graphic Novel?

It will be a Kickstarter reward, and if the demand is high we will consider making another print run later.

I am a great Red Moon Rising fan but not a gamer. Can I buy the Graphic Novel but not the game?

Certainly. The Kickstarter will include this option.

What exactly will be in the Graphic Novel? How long will it be?

The Graphic Novel will contain the first narrative arc of the web comic, titled “Waterlogged”. While it is only the first part in an ongoing series, it has its own ending and can be viewed as a standalone story, like a Harry Potter novel or movie. It is over 300 pages long and it might be split into more than one volume.




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